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Yoga Styles


Ashtanga is a beautiful, flowing practice that combines breath with movement to build strength, enhance flexibility and still the mind. 

A set sequences of postures (Asana) is memorised over time, so that you flow from asana to asana on a wave of breath while thoughts float away. The practice becomes a moving meditation. 

Practised regularly, Ashtanga is a powerful healing system that brings about real transformation, as the physical practice allows the nervous system to relax and the mind to still.

In a Led Ashtanga class, the teacher instructs the class through the sequence and everyone works together in unison. But Ashtanga was designed to be taught Mysore-style (named for the place it originated). In a Mysore-style class,  you work within the series at your own pace, to your own level, with the one-to-one guidance of the teacher, The room is largely silent except for the calming sound of breath, while the group energy helps carry you through your practice. The teacher helps you work with the system according to your own body, modifying poses for you where appropriate and helping you deepen into poses with gentle guidance.

Students often like to start with a few Led classes before trying Mysore-style, but you are very welcome to come straight to a Mysore-style class with no previous experience.

“The real value of the Ashtanga Method is how it cleanses the lens through which we see ourselves and shows us who we really are.”

Yin Yoga Style


Yin Yoga is a complementary yoga practice to the more dynamic and invigorating style of Ashtanga Vinyasa. In Yin Yoga, floor postures are held passively for several minutes in order to access and release the deep layers of connective tissue in the body.

Physically, Yin Yoga restores and maintains the natural mobility of the joints, primarily between the navel and the knees. Energetically, Yin Yoga opens the body’s meridian system, which enhances the body’s energetic flow and supports emotional equilibrium.

Practised in a very still and silent way, Yin Yoga prepares both the body and the mind for deeper experiences in meditation.

Yoga Styles

Pranayama & Meditation

Practising asana (postures) regularly will keep give you a strong, flexible body. But the asana practice is really a gateway to Pranayama (breathwork) and Meditation, which unlock the real magic of yoga. I teach Pranayama and Meditation in the tradition of Kaivalyadhama every week on Wednesdays, as well as on my yoga immersions and retreats.